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First Entry

I just got to the institute not too long ago, but I slept most of the day away and only fished my laptop out of my junk a few minutes ago so I could finally put my feelings down in writing. It's both exciting and horrifying to be here, to no longer be a minority but be a part of the majority. I feel like I am finally with my people, but at the same time I feel ghettoized, wrangled up with the rest of the freaks and put in a quiet place where no one can hear you. But, I guess things are starting to look up. The place is beautiful, it sure as hell beats public school. I can tell I am going to have a good time here, but I'm still nervous. Are the mutant kids big elitests? Will they shun me for not having cool powers? Only time will tell. Once I find my niche here, I'll be much more content.

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I'm such an asshole

I don't claim to be Deah's best friend or anything, but I am her roomate. I should have realised stuff like this was happening. I've just been so full of myself lately. I've been strictly buisiness and not had time to socialize or even chat with my own roomate. I know I can't blame myself, but I can't help and wonder if I would have seen her walk into her room with a bottle of pills, I could have maybe stopped her.

I need to get out of this room, it's creeping me out.
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Another day, another dollar

I have been working like a madwoman, and when I'm not working I'm studying and when I'm not studying I'm avoiding human contact for some reason. I don't know, I guess I just don't know where I'm headed, who I'm headed there with, what I'm doing. I'm a bit of a mess.

Ever since Gavin left, I've felt like "why bother have any friends?"

That's so not me, this person typing at the keyboard is so not me. Someone has stolen Chloe and put this mess in her place. No more.

Let's have a party or something.
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PETA, Pro-Choice and a bunch of other hippie liberal stuff

Stop it! Stop doing that thing where you see me in the hallway, but then you notice the large collection of brochures in my hand and then act like you need to tie your shoe or duck into the nearest classroom. I'm going to staple these to all your doors in a minute.

I met Sage the other day, not the X-Man, but the new kid. He's really... wow. I think that's the only word to describe him. Wow. He's coming with me to the pro-women's rights rally in NYC in a few weeks. Which reminds me, if anyone wants to go, come see me and sign up.
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I'm going to start pushing that they offer more vegan dishes at the school. I'm sick of eating salad without dressing and having to pick the cheese out of it. It's disgusting.

I just got a ton of fliers and stickers in for free from PETA Come see me if you want one. I'll be giving em out at X-Cup too. I was thinking of starting a division of PETA here if there was an interest in it. I mean, with some of our mutations we're half animal anyways.
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My head hurts

Nothing changes at this place. I get tired of the same faces, same classes, same boring X-Cup shift with the stingy tips. Sure, crazy things happen all the time, but people don't seem to change. Matty and Gavin are still fighting, Arjan's still hated, nothing is ever different.

I guess it's just my nature to change, to metamorphize. I don't like who I am right now, I need to make a change. I'm a "zebra," a term used for someone who watches horrible things happen but doesn't try to stop them. I don't want to be like this anymore. I want to get in there with people, I want to meet everyone and exchange views and philosophies. I want to make bad choices, I want to leave the safety of this mansion and explore the nitty gritty world. I lived on the streets for two years, this candy-coated place is still taking some getting used to.

In other news, where has my roomate disapeared to? I found a book she might be interested in, but I can't find her anywhere. She hasn't been sleeping in her bed either, that's for certain.
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It seems my busy work schedule made it so I missed the big event last night. I guess some guy broke Trent's arm and beat up Troy and stuff. I'm curious as to what happened, but I'm also kind of glad I wasn't there in a way.

I don't know what everyone has against Arjan! I did a training session with him in the Danger Room and he was a perfect gentleman. I honestly think everyone just jumped to conclusions. I had no problem with him, I downright enjoyed myself.

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I'm eating a donut as I type this because I don't even have time for a proper dinner right now. I just want to know what the big deal with Arjan is? Granted I haven't met him yet, but don't you guys think you're taking it a tad too far? I mean, he's on our side, it's not like he's another Brotherhood plant or anything. I just wish everyone could get along, but unfortunatly that's never the way things work out. I'm not passing judgement until I actually meet him.

In other news, the anti-mutant attack in town has me worried, because I have a very obvious mutation and I would like to go to town to do some shopping. If anyone wants to help me train up in the Danger Room let me know, for now though... I've got flying down a little bit better, so that's good.