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Chloe Athens
25 March 1985
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This is a character journal for the xaviers_school RPG. Character copywrite me. X-Men copywrite Marvel.

Name: Chloe Athens
Nickname: none
Codename: Monarch
Affiliation: Student
Nationality: American
Age: 17
Height: 5'9
Weight: 165 lbs (with wings)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Characteristics: Giant leathery butterfly wings growing out of her back
Powers/Abilities: Chloe has the abilities and genetic makeup of several different insects, but mostly from the Danaus family. Large monarch butterfly wings on her back allow her the ability of flight. She can also produce sticky strands of silk which can harden instantly that shoot out from her mouth. Her wings produce a dust that is toxic and can cause hallucinations or temporary paralysis when inhaled. Her skin also has tiny fibers that can extend and allow her to stick to surfaces. As a side effect of her powers, she also has an innate sense of direction, like an internal compass.

Extent/Limition of Powers/Abilities: Her wings are not very strong and thus her flight is limited. While by herself she can pull off some decent aerial moves by riding on the wind currents, but with extra weight she can only flutter slowly, or sometimes only a few feet from the ground. Her wings, while not being as fragile as a monarch butterfly, can still be easily cut, punctured or torn, but even with her wings being completely torn off, she can regrow a pair in a matter of a few days. She is immune to her own toxin and those around her can also build up an immunity over time.

History: Chloe Athens had a fairly normal childhood growing up in a small community in Vermont. Her parents, former hippies, had Chloe fairly late in life and as such, Chloe was an only child. Her mother, Bernadette Athens, was a professor of women's studies at a local university, while her father was a freelance photographer. She lived a comfortable life where she was taught to think freely, express her opinions and appreciate beauty.

The summer after she turned thirteen, Chloe sat inside all day, complaining of not feeling very well. Her parents thought she was just going through a phase, because although she claimed to not be feeling well, she was eating them out of house and home. Suddenly, one day, Chloe went to her room, created a cocoon from silk that came out of her mouth and went inside for two weeks. After the two weeks passed, Chloe emerged with brilliant monarch butterfly wings. Her parents were a bit nervous. They had always supported mutants and even attended several rallies in their favor, but they knew Chloe would have a hard life, especially with such a blatent obvious mutation.

Chloe, on the other hand, was proud of her mutation and proud to have the chance to educate people about mutants. She had been taught to be proud of who she was, so she was unashamed to walk confidently down the hallways of her high school, her wings trailing behind her. She was even responsible for starting a mutant support group at her school, on top of a feminist group and an informational club about vegetarianism. Her leftist beliefs and strong liberalism however, once almost got her in trouble.

Her feminist group took a trip to a pro-abortion rally where a group of conservatives were also supporting abortion, but only if the child is a mutant. Tempers got heated and a fight broke out. The police stepped in to keep everything under control and arrested Chloe, the obvious mutant, thinking she had been the cause of the debacle. At the police station, a man named Charles Xavier came to her rescue and made a bargain to let Chloe come to his school instead of facing possible juvinile detention. Chloe was appreciative and while she didn't feel she needed to seperate herself from humans, she knew that it would be a good school for her.

Personality: Chloe is an intellegent, independant, free thinking liberal woman, who isn't afraid to push buttons or be the only dissenting voice. She is a strict vegetarian, but isn't preachy about it, she's also tried veganism but hasn't yet been able to commit to it. She is not afraid to speak her mind and fight for her rights, whether as a battle of wits or of fists. She's the type of girl that loves to get essay assignments, not because she's excited to impress teachers, but because she's excited to get them riled up with controversial topics. Chloe is a good friend and an even worse enemy. She is usually doting on people like a mother, making sure they are well taken care of, or fighting their fights for them. She is often cynical and sarcastic, but still maintains a generally positive outlook on life